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False claims reveal hidden opportunities

False claims reveal hidden opportunities
Report 27th February 2015

This report is in response to Senator Birmingham's apparent reliance on false claims by the Australian Government's Bureau of Meterology (BOM) in the Senator's letter dated December 18th 2014 to Malcolm Roberts.
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Malcolm Roberts' letter of Friday 27th Feb 2015 to The Hon Bob Baldwin MO and Senator Simon Birmingham

Malcolm's email to Senator Simon Birmingham, Thursday 24th Aug 2014

Senator Simon Birmingham's reply dated 18th Dec 2014 and received by email on Wednesday 24th Dec 2014

Senator Birmingham's reply Friday, 20th March 2015 and Malcolm's response Monday 23rd March 2015

Jane Prentice's reply 2nd April 2015 (Jane is Malcolm’s local federal MP

Bob Baldwin's reply 1st June 2015

Malcolm's reply to Bob Baldwin Sunday, 14th June 2015


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